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"I am continually awed as I witness the power of creating understanding and harmony through mutually supportive communication, while I coach my clients."

Zoé Laterreur


Success Stories 

"With Zoé I have learned to create space between my emotion and reaction and to generate healthy boundaries between other people's emotions and my own. She has also shown me that people can actually grow and change in the context of human relationship, which gives me tremendous hope.

Zoé does her homework as a practitioner, but further more, the content in the sessions is, as if by magic, exactly what I need in the moment. Our time together remains fluid and interesting. 

I can feel that Zoé is really excited to work together and I believe that is why the vibrations are so positive while working with her."
Minori colas, Montréal, Quebec

"I have been working consistently with Zoé for 6 months now and I find that every day, many times a day, I am mindful of what I am feeling and what I need. this helps me so much because I am better at expressing my needs to my family and others. I have found my work with NVC particularly helpful as a teacher working with teens. Through NVC methods, I am able to be more open and articulate with my students, which fosters a harmonious and cooperative classroom atmosphere."

Philippa Woolley, Montréal, Canada

"I have been working with Zoé for almost a year now on NVC. Through my sessions with her, I have become convinced of how transformational NVC can be both in understanding ourselves and others, and communicating in a way which is mutually rewarding for all parties involved (whether they are practicing NVC or not)

Zoé works with me through practical real-life situations, and helps me find my own blocks, blind spots, and the things I do that trigger others. Then we practice communicating feelings, needs and requests in a way that is honest, clear, and easier for others to receive. The process has helped me recognize my own unhealthy communication patterns and how this is often what blocks the way in getting my own needs met. Since working with Zoé I can see that my ability to understand my own needs in the moment (and not when it's too late) as well as my ability to really hear the other, and to make a genuine connection has improved.

I would recommend this process to anyone who has to communicate with another humane being."

Lee Lapaix, Montréal, Canada

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