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What is Non Violent Communication??

NVC is a communication tool that helps us to connect to others compassionately.

While practicing NVC, we learn to become aware of our feelings and needs, and develop vocabulary around them. Doing so, we start  understanding ourselves better, and we create an opportunity to describe to others what makes our life less or more wonderful and how they can support us on our path to well being. NVC also teaches us to hear others with the intent of understanding through the eyes of compassion, supporting us in deepening our care and connection to them.


Zoé La terreur grew up on an organic farm in Quebec, Canada. Her love for singing led her to study music in Canada and Europe, to finally land in Oregon through the ways of life. There, she met her Non Violent Communication teacher and mentor, Joanne Lescher. After feeling and seeing the magical effects of compassionate listening first hand, she became dedicated to learning NVC and applying it in different life situations. In learning more about herself through this practice and seeing the positive changes that NVC can generate, she made the decision to devote herself to becoming a guide and educator. After 4 years of Studies with Joanne, she started teaching NVC in the spring of 2020.


Once we realize that we are all in the same boat; all are yearning to experience deep contentment, we can hold others in our hearts while we communicate with them, knowing what suffering is and how wonderful it is to feel happy. 

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