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English & French

I offer individual, couples or group sessions that comprise of various elements, according to the current needs of the client:

-Compassionate listening

-NVC teaching,

-Life coaching

-Group Classes.

The sessions are generally 1 hour for private sessions, 1 h 15 minutes for couples and 1h 1/2 for group classes, but the length can be adjusted.

(I am open to in person or online services)

For a limited amount of time I'm offering introductory rates as I hone and deepen my skills.

Let's grow together!

Sliding scale

Individual: $40-60


Groups:$20 a person (a minimum of 4 participants)


 I believe that each person at any moment goes through a fluid range of emotions and I strive to be open and receptive to this flow when I meet with my clients. The NVC method is very effective, and being present with someone in the moment, is a most precious gift that has great potential for healing. My approach is a mixture of imparting my NVC skills where they might be helpful to generate healing or help create positive transformation, and being present with what the person's needs are in the moment.

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